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Our Park

Our playground equipment in the parks should be replaced. I think I’ll have someone haul away the existing structure, the sooner the better. Does anyone know any handy man types with a truck who can take it? See this link: Playground equipment for ideas for replacement equipment. I believe we Read more →

Vote For Board of Directors

  The deadline for voting is March 5th!

Around Ridgewater – Summer 2013

Mail In Dues

Dues are due and due to complications with the hired accountant, statement/invoices have not been mailed out this year. PLEASE MAIL IN YOUR DUES DIRECTLY $440 Dues are to be sent to. PO Box 716, Bend 97709

Around Ridgewater – Winter 2013

Meeting 3/15/2013

An HOA meeting was help on 3/15/2013.   Board members Jeff Bailey, Margaret Barnes, Dan Wright and Joe Julian were present. In addition residents Jeff Farrell, Sam & Katie Anger were present.   See the minutes below. RIDGEWATER HOA 3-15-2013 MEETING

New Board Members Elected

Board Members Jeff Bailey, President Term expires January, 2014 Margaret Barnes, Secretary Term expires January, 2014 Jeff Ferrell, Member-at-Large Term expires January, 2014 Dan Wright, Member-at-Large Term expires January, 2014 Joe Julian, V.P. Term expires January, 2014 Brian Morton, Treasurer Term expires January, 2014

Financial Statements Released

Here are the latest financial statements. Balance Sheet as of September 30, 2012 P&L January through September 2012