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Elections Time!

It’s time once again for Board Elections

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Currently there are three (3) Director positions up for election; therefore, each lot owner will be allowed to vote for three (3) people or you may write in a candidate. Please be sure that person is willing to serve on the board before you do so.

You may vote in the following way: (1) by mail to Crystal Lake Property Management, PO Box 8550 Bend OR 97708; (2) by fax to 541-617-1599; (3) by email to accounting@nullcrystallakepm.com or (4) online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VM99KJ3

All ballots must be received and verified by the inspectors of elections by the close of voting period at noon on November 2, 2015 to be counted as a valid vote.

It’s very important that you vote! We must receive at least 17 votes for the election to be valid. If we do not have a quorum to hold the election due to a lack of response, there will be additional costs to the Association for a second mailing and each homeowner will be asked to re-cast their vote.

If you have any questions regarding the election, please feel free to contact Kristin from Crystal Lake Property Management at (541) 318-2635 or your board President Jeff Bailey at (541) 788-1240.

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